Dax Shepard & Michael Pena

Lamont and Tonelli interviewed Dax Shepard and Michael Pena about their new movie “CHiPs" which will be released in theaters on Friday, March 24th.

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Todd Morris Fire Protection

Thank you Todd Morris Fire Protection for keeping Chasta warm this morning.


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Robbery Fail

From Rockford, Illinois, information shared in a press conference earlier today from the Rockford Police Department and Winnebago County State's Attorney's Office. Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato announces that the Metro Security Guard involved in a fatal shooting at the Alpine Bank location on North Mulford Road January 20th, 2017, has been cleared. An investigation into the guard’s use of deadly force shows that he was justified when he Fatally Shot armed robbery suspect Laurence R. Turner. Rockford Police responded to a call for an armed robbery at the Alpine Bank around 4pm on January 20th, 2017. Security footage shows Laurence R. Turner went inside the business armed with a gun and wearing a mask. He fired a shot into the air, then pointed his gun and fired at the Metro Security Guard who was on duty at the time. The guard returned fire and hit Turner, subsequently resulting in Turner’s death. The incident was investigated by the Rockford Police Department and reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s Office and it was determined that the use of deadly force was justified.


Strep Throat Gone Bad

A Michigan man is feeling grateful after surviving a strep throat infection that led to amputations of parts of his hands and feet and nearly cost his life. Kevin Breen, 44, developed an extremely rare strep infection shortly after his son fought off a case of strep throat. The infection, caused by streptococcal bacteria, typically affects the throat and the tonsils. Around Christmas, Breen began to develop flu-like symptoms, and he visited an urgent care clinic with stomach pain. He tested negative for flu and strep. But his pain did not improve, and he went to the emergency room. While there, his stomach began to enlarge and harden. Hospital staff thought it was a mild case of acute pancreatitis, according to Breen's wife, Julie. He showed signs of shock, and doctors decided to take him into surgery to find the cause of his problems. During the surgery, doctors found 3 liters of pus surrounding his organs. They did not know where it was coming from. "Normally, we have to look for things such as perforations. We look for holes in the stomach or in the small bowel of the colon, and nothing was found," said Dr. Elizabeth Steensma, an acute care surgeon at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After surgery, he developed a rash on his chest. Doctors feared it could be streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, a severe illness associated with streptococcal infection. They took samples and discovered the bacteria that cause strep throat. Based on the sample, the rash on Breen's chest and his history, Steensma said, the pieces finally came together. "That strep organism, that is really common, somehow that went from his pharynx in his throat and made its way into his abdominal cavity," she said. Breen went into multisystem organ failure and severe septic shock. Doctors worked quickly to treat him. The team "worked around the clock minute by minute for the next several days trying to keep him alive and get him home to his family," Steensma said. Still, they weren't able to save his fingers and toes. Breen's severe case of septic shock, the toxins from the strep organism and medications he was on led to the need to amputate parts of his feet and hands, according to Steensma. "It is extremely rare," she said. For most who develop strep throat, it's little more than a temporary bother. But occasionally, strep can get into the bloodstream and cause a serious infection, according to Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious disease at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. "As (strep) travels through the body, it can set up housekeeping, if you will, in various locations in the body and cause damage at those locations," he said. Sepsis, a life-threatening complication caused by an infection, usually follows, and the body will go into shock. Blood will then move to essential functions, such as the brain or heart, and away from blood vessels in the periphery. When this happens, the hands and toes begin to die, which sometimes prompts the need for amputation, Schaffner said. Although these severe cases of strep are rare, he recommends seeking medical attention when an individual rapidly begins to feel unwell from a sore throat. Symptoms of strep throat include pain when swallowing, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 degrees Celsius) and white or yellow spots on the back of a bright red throat. Strep throat can be passed between people through breathing, coughing or sneezing. Handwashing is an effective way to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others. Breen is back home with his family and on the road to recovery. He will be receiving a series of amputations, an estimated four total. Toes on both feet have already been amputated. "I've become a full-time nurse," Julie Breen said. "We have quite a road ahead of us, but we're very, very thankful and very happy that we have a road ahead." Kevin and Julie Breen are also thankful for the support they have received throughout his illness. "We're just so thankful for the doctors that took care of him and the amount of prayers that went up," Julie Breen said. "We really feel strongly that God kept him alive for reason." Even though Kevin Breen acknowledges that he has a long road ahead, he is keeping a positive attitude. "We're just very grateful for all the prayers and all the support we've been getting from our families, friends and our church," he said.


Matador Gets His Goddamn Glass Eye Knocked Out By A Charging Bull

A matador dubbed ‘The Pirate’ has had his glass eye knocked out after being gored by a bull during a fight in Spain. Juan Jose Padilla, who has worn an eyepatch and glass eye since he was first gored in the face by a bull in 2011, was sent flying by the powerful animal during the bullfight held yesterday at the festival of Fallas in Valencia. He first lost his eye in May 2011 after a bull picked him up and threw him in the air during a fight in Madrid. He then had the same eye-socket gouged again after tormenting one of the powerful animals at the La Misericordia bullring in Zaragoza, in October last year. Dramatic pictures from inside the bullring on Sunday, show the legendary matador’s facial scars revealed when his eye patch flew off and his glass eye went soaring through the air. Undeterred by his third run-in, Padilla has vowed not to cancel the running of the bulls event that is scheduled in Castellon for the festivities of La Magdalena, which begins on March 18.


Rancid & Dropkick Murphys

Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Selecter and Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds)

Sunday, August 20th at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA

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Lamont's Music Notes For March 15th

MARCH 15th, 1976 - KISS

On this date in 1976, the band KISS released the album “Destroyer”.
“Destroyer” was the 4th studio album from Kiss and climbed to #11 on the Billboard charts.
It was also their biggest selling studio album, going double platinum, with sales over 2.2 million copies.

The album featured one of the biggest singles of the year , the ballad “Beth”. Every time you turned on the radio, it seemed that “Beth” was on the air. It topped off at #7 on the charts and was Kiss’ 1st gold record.

Here’s the official video for Beth.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Here's a great shot of Anthony Kiedis courtesy of Jimmy O'Sheehan photography from the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.


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African Python Snake

This snake appears to have bitten off more than it can chew...in the form of a whole deer. The meal was so big the snake couldn't move so it had to spit it out.


Lamont's Music Notes For March 13th

March 13th, 1984 - The Cars

On this date the cars released their 5th studio album/cd Heartbeat City.

-the album  reached #3 on the Billboard Top Albums chart.
-Heartbeat City was a hit machine as it contained a total of five American Top 40 singles.
-the song "Drive" was the highest charting song from the cd, it  peaked at #3.
-the single "You Might Think" hit #7 on the charts that summer.
-Another hit single was "Magic". This song reached #12 in the U.S.
-the single “Hello Again” hit #20 on the Billboard charts.
- "Why Can't I Have You" was the fifth single released from the record and managed to reach #33 on the Billboard Singles Chart.

Here’s the Cars and the official video for Drive.

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