Big Dick Black GoFundMe

Big Dick Black set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a head stone for his Mother's Day grave.

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This Paraplegic Dude And His Girl Absolutely Nailed Their Pregnancy Announcement

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg recently arranged a photo shoot to announce both their pregnancy and engagement. With so much good news to share, they knew they had to step up and knock this photo out of the park and they did. Their photo was uploaded by a close friend to Reddit, where it’s going wildly viral. It’s not hard to understand why.

The couple met after a 2014 accident tragically cut Krieg’s professional motocross career short, paralyzing him from the chest down. Diesen was his physical therapist in rehab, where they fell in love. After he was discharged, she moved cross-country to be with him. And although doctors said it would be almost impossible for them to conceive naturally, Krieg proved to them that, in his words, “It still works.”


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The Crashing Comedy Tour

The Crashing Comedy Tour starring Pete Holmes, Judd Apatow and Artie Lange is coming to the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 22nd.

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Metallica & Lady Gaga

From the RoLoad Facebook page, here's Metallica and Lady Gaga performance at the Grammys edited without any mic issues.

Video of Metallica and Lady Gaga's Grammy performance of "Moth Into Flame" without any audio issues has emerged online. The clip is from the web feed of the broadcast apparently carried James Hetfield's mic, although it still looks like he cannot hear himself through his own monitor.

The clip was posted by Metallica fan site RoLoad's Facebook page and seems to be legitimate. To make matters even more confusing, Hetfield clearly cannot hear his own vocals in the performance and eventually ditches his mic to use Gaga's. TMZ reported that a stagehand accidently unplugged the Metallica frontman's mic. Will we ever know the truth to Gaga-gate?

Watch the full performance without audio issues below.


Metallica & Lady Gaga

Check out Metallica and Lady Gaga performing together at the Grammys.



Check out Steve Perry's isolated vocals from Journey's "Any Way You Want It."


Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio hologram makes it's U.S. debut with the Dio band to open annual Pollstar awards.


Whacky Canadians

Canada lost its Davis Cup tie to Great Britain 3-2 after Denis Shapovalov accidentally drilled the chair umpire in the face with a ball in reaction to losing a point. The event caused Shapovalov to be defaulted and Great Britain’s Kyle Edmund declared the winner in what was the deciding match in the five-match series. Oops!

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Tom Brady

On his way to leading the Patriots to a stunning comeback win in Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady threw one interception and should have thrown another. But his worst turnover of the night after the game when he had his game jersey stolen out of his locker. Here he is talking to a team employee about the jersey disappearing from his locker. Touchdown Tom is definitely not happy. Here he is talking to a team employee about the jersey disappearing from his locker.


Samy The Psychic

samythepsychic01aSamy The Psychic is in the studio taking listener readings.

Call 1-800-922-SAMY to talk to Samy personally.

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