Cool Prom Car!







Check this out, ailment we got an email from Dan, capsule a Silicon Valley High School Senior, wishing to go out in style for his Senior Prom. He says he has a hot date for prom, but no hot car. He wants to ride in style, if you want to loan him you car, go to for details.

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Can she be my Caddy?

Kenny Perry lost the Master's in a playoff yesterday but who cares, check out his hot daughter Lesslye Perry. Lesslye has been a member of the Tennessee Titans cheerleading squad since last season.



Thanks for nothing Joe Morgan!

The Oakland A's have just kicked off their 2009 season, so we thought it would be funny to take a look back at this old picture of Lamont with Joe Morgan, this is the day when Joe Morgan screwed Lamont over and acted like he signed the baseball Lamont had in his hand.


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Metallica Enter Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

A big congrats to Metallica; over the weekend the boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Click here for the full story. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of their acceptance speech below. Plus, cost their performances of Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman.


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Hugh Hefner - The Party Animal!

Hugh Hefner's Birthday - The Party to Die For!
Hugh Hefner pulled off his best "Weekend at Bernie's," impression during his 83rd birthday at the Palms in Last Vegas last weekend.


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Congrats Angela!

Congrats to Angela! She was crowned the brand new 2009 Bone Rock Girl! We had a great time Saturday night and thanks to everyone who came out and had a blast.


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Stickin' In My Eye!

A Brazilian man is lucky to be alive after he astonishingly managed to shoot himself in the brain with a six-inch fishing spear. Emerson de Oliveira Abreu was fishing off the coast of Rio de Janeiro when he took the devastating shot. The spear ricocheted off some rocks - and slammed into Abreu's head. Entering just above his eye, it penetrated his brain so deeply that only the tip was showing. Surgeons managed to remove the spear - which somehow missed every critical area of his brain. Now Abreu is expected to survive without any major, lasting damage - though his sense of smell may be affected. It took five hours of high-risk surgery to remove the projectile from Abreu. Check out the pics below.





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Watch This!

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Weigh-In Update!

Yesterday we jumped on the scale to see where we currently stands in our weight loss bet. Lamont was hungry for Amici's Pizza! Check out the video below.























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Here are a couple weird stories:

A US man has been arrested and charged with drink driving after he crashed a motorised bar stool. The 28-year-old man invented and created the bar stool which he says can reach speeds of 38mph. Police reports said he rolled the Frankenstein-esque lawnmower and bar stool combination on his way home from the pub in Newark, Ohio. The man claimed the bar stool could reach speeds of 38 mph on its five-horsepower engine but that he was travelling at about 20 mph when he crashed it. He allegedly admitted to drinking about 15 beers when interviewed by police at hospital but insisted that was after the accident. The man was issued a citation for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and driving under suspension. He has pleaded not guilty at an initial hearing.

















A Chinese man accidentally swallowed a pair of scissors when he burst out laughing while using them as a toothpick. Mr Lin, 27, from Putian, had to be taken to hospital to have them removed. His wife said her husband was chatting with friends after breakfast while using a small pair of scissors as a toothpick. Lin gave a big laugh on hearing a joke from a friend, and unexpectedly the scissors slipped inside his throat. The man tried to cough the scissors back up again but that only made the situation worse. X-rays showed the 9cm long and 4cm wide scissors had fully entered Lin's oesophagus. Doctors feared a general anaesthetic would relax the throat muscles and allow the scissors to travel down even further so they used a local anaesthetic and carefully removed the scissors with forceps. The whole operation took around 30 minutes.


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