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Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Carla and Rob Combi need your help for their 10 year old son Cole. Cole is in critical need of a new kidney. In short, Cole was born with little to no kidney function and received his first kidney transplant (from Mom) at the age of one. Over the past 10 years, his immune system has slowly rejected the transplanted organ. He had been scheduled twice over the past six months for transplants only to have the surgeries canceled at the last minute. His parents were hoping to avoid dialysis by going to transplant, but due to the current situation, dialysis treatments were started this past weekend.

During these challenging times, the Combi's are reaching out to family and friends for help. If you or anyone you know may be interested in getting tested, please visit or click on the banner below.


Thursdays On The Show

Thursdays on the Lamont and Tonelli show
Every Thursday at 7:45am, Mr. Skin gives us his weekly reports on which movies have the best nude scenes (NO DUDES!).

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Fridays On The Show...

Fridays during the NFL season
Every Friday at 9:30am, Bob-O calls in with his football picks and "blue plate" specials for college and the NFL. Click on his name to hear this week's picks and click here for his
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Plus, we challenge Bob-O's predictions with our version of "Spinner Girls Football Picks." We compare his picks with the girls from Deja Vu Centerfolds. Thank you, gals, for coming in to the studio and making this possible!

See all the beautiful girls at Centerfolds, located at 391 Broadway Street at Montgomery in San Francisco;  phone (415) 834-0662.

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Friday, January 9th, 2009

Rumor has it that Erin Drewes, abortion a senior at the University of Florida, is the girlfriend of Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow. The two say they are just friends, but we say....what a hottie! When you are swimming with gators, you always need a nice pair of flotation devices!

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