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World's Strongest Vagina!

42 year old Tatiana Kozhevnikova from Russia has set a new world record for lifting weights inside her vagina. Kozhevnikova already holds the title of World’s Strongest Vagina in the Guinness Book of World Records but she has beaten her previous record by lifting a 14 kilo glass ball with her lady parts. Kozhevnikova has been training her vaginal muscles for 15 years to achieve such a remarkable feat. Kozhevnikova has said: “After I had a child, tadalafil my intimate muscles got unbelievably weak. I read books on Dao and learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls,” she said. “I looked around, saw a Murano glass ball and inserted it in my vagina. It took me ages to get it out!" Since then Kozhevnikova has moved on to using the correct custom made vaginal balls. “You insert one of the balls in your vagina, and it has a string attached to it with a little hook at the very end. You fix a second ball onto this hook.” “It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed,” she says.


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Steve McNair Mistress!

Steve McNair's mistress Sahel Kazemi:


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Thanks for the support

Check out the girls from the Oakland Soccer league showing their support for 107.7 The Bone.


Phil Spector Wigs!

Check out this timeline of Phil Spector's wigs.


Grandpa packs a punch!

An elderly boxing champ beats up a would-be burglar. 23-year-old Brit Gregory McCalium probably thought he hit some sort of criminal jackpot when he broke into his elderly neighbors’ house as they slept. What he didn’t know was that one of his 71-year-old neighbors just so happened to be a championship boxer back in the day. Vicious Gregory McCalium, drugs 23 - jailed for 4½ years yesterday - looked like a “car accident” victim after he was punched by battling grandad Frank Corti. Frank - woken by noises as he lay in bed with his wife Margaret - dodged the knife as McCalium lunged at him in his hallway, Corti then hit McCalium with two massive right hooks. The former Army boxer, who as a 16-year-old won the National Association of Boys Clubs Championship, then made a citizen’s arrest and waited for cops.


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