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Kung Fu Master Uses His Testicles To Pull Seven Cars Weighing Over 12 Tonnes

A Chinese kung fu expert has demonstrated the results of his hard training by pulling a row of cars with nothing but his testicles. Ye Wei moved seven Audi cars using a rope attached to his genitals on March 30 in China's Shandong Province. After moving the vehicles for eight metres (26ft), the 39-year-old successfully broke his personal record set last year which saw him pulling five cars. Mr Ye's attempt last Thursday was recorded on a video, released by Pear Video, on March 31. The videos shows Mr Ye  tying a rope which connects to seven Audi cars to his testicles. A group of supporters gathered around Mr Ye to cheer for him as the event took place in Zibo city. As a highly focused Mr Ye channelled his might through his genitals, the seven vehicles - with a combined weight of 12.6 tonnes - slowly moved forward. The moved for eight metres (26.2 foot) before coming to a full stop. Mr Ye claimed that the stunt he performed is called Xi Sui Gong or Xi Sui Technique. He said that the stunt is a wellness regime practised by Taoists to improve their fertility. The man is also said to have invented a hybrid school of martial art, known as Tai Chi Zen, after combining Tai Chi and and Taoism wellness regimes. Mr Ye beat his own record of pulling five Audi cars last April, also in Zibo, Shandong Province. After successfully completing the challenge, Mr Ye told a reporter from Pear Video that he had been practising kung fu for around 30 years and that he had worked as the principal for three martial arts schools. The other types of martial arts Mr Ye practises are Hung Kuen and Shaolin Kuen. The man also claims to know Thai boxing. Dr Chen Yu,Department of Urology at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital told Apple Daily Taiwan in an interview: 'Xi Sui Gong' could help curing or prevent urinary incontinence as the exercise trains the pelvis and muscles around the thigh.' He also added the action of stimulating the testicles can help problems of premature ejaculation and extend the endurance on sex performance. However, there is also an effect of bending the penis and skin peeling on the testicles.


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Lamont's Music Notes For April 3rd

Here are Lamont's Music Notes for April 3rd.

April 3rd, 1968 - Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach (real name Sebastian Bierk), singer of Skid Row, was born in Freeport, the Bahamas. Today he turns 49! Here’s Sebastian with Skid Row performing “I Remember You”.

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Lamont's Music Notes For April 3rd

Here are Lamont's Music Notes for April 3rd.

April 3rd, 1971 - Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was #1 on the Album chart for a sixth week with the album Pearl.


Michal Neuvirth

Check out Philadelphia Flyers goalie Michal Neuvirth gets stretchered off the ice after collapsing out of nowhere.

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