Black Friday Brawls

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1. Philadelphia Fight Club

A garden variety Black Friday brawl in the City of Brotherly Love turns truly crazy when one of the hair pullers pulls out a stun gun. Ouch.

2. Ass-whupping in Annapolis, Maryland

This fight outside a Victoria's Secret star apparently started after an "accidental bumping." Damn, yo.

3. The Modesto Mall Brawl

Hard to say it better than this video's narrator at a Modesto mall: "Damn. Shit. Shit. Goddamn. Look at this shit. What the fuck? Oh!"

4. The Texas Towel Smackown

How much do you like towels in Atlanta, Texas? Bet it's not as much as these truly wild Wal-Mart shoppers.

5. The Shame of Saginaw, Michigan

This embarrassing scramble for Black Friday swag gets even more shameful when grown woman rips a box from a young boy's hands. Watch til the end for the slow motion replay.

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