Car Backs Into A River

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A passer-by saved a female driver who accidentally backed her car into a river last Thursday in Taicang city, east China's Jiangsu Province. Surveillance footage shows a white car backing into a parking lot in an automotive parts factory but then suddenly reversing at high speed through a fence stretching along the river. The river water was more than three meters deep and the car was sinking. The driver climbed out of the car's sunroof and called for help. An employee of the factory named Li Jiabo was the first to come to her rescue. A weak swimmer, Li not only failed to save the driver but also got himself into danger. At that time, a passer-by across the river jumped into the water to help them. The young man first dragged the exhausted Li onto the river bank then saved the driver with the help of the crowd. Local police identified the Good Samaritan as Huo Junwei, 27, and said they hoped to offer him an award.

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