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Vladimir Putin Throws Down Gauntlet On Prostitution,
Disses Legal American Sex Workers
Bunny Ranch Owner Calls On Trump To Stand Up For U.S. Prostitutes

Russian president Vladimir Putin has spoken out in defense of President-Elect Donald Trump amid rumors that Russian computer hacking may have influenced the election in his favor, but in the process ignited a firestorm of controversy relating to the world’s oldest profession.

In an interview with state sponsored media outlet “Sputnik”, Putin said in defense of the unconfirmed allegations against Trump, “I can hardly believe that he ran off to meet with our girls of low social morals. Although of course ours are the best in the world.”

Dennis Hof, the owner of The Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada, is outraged that Putin has praised the quality of illegal and unregulated prostitutes within his country, and he wants Trump to speak out against Putin’s inflammatory comments.

“I supported Trump”, says Hof, who himself ran for a Nevada state legislative seat in the same election season. “Specifically for that reason, I’m calling on the president-elect to push back against Putin by proclaiming that our legal, safe and regulated approach to sex work in Nevada is the standard by which every other country around the world should be judged. Trump is well aware of The Bunny Ranch, so he knows better than most that legal prostitution lowers crime, prevents disease, and benefits the tax base. Putin is dead wrong on this, and my girls are not going to take this lying down.”

Putin went on to say in the interview that the people who ordered the 35 page dossier maligning Trump are “worse than prostitutes” with “no moral limits”. “Worse than prostitutes?” exclaimed an outraged Hof. My girls are some of the most honest women that you’ll ever meet, and Putin needs to be educated to that fact.”

Hof sees this as the first test of international diplomacy between Trump and Putin, and a potential test by Putin of Trump’s resolve for standing up against Russia’s state position. “I would say it’s time for a tweet” Hof remarked, referencing Trump’s penchant for taking positions via social media. “On legalized prostitution, Russia’s got it all wrong, and Nevada has got it all right. Less than 140 characters easy.”

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