Lamont walks into a bar

Lamont  walks into a bar and orders drinks for the house 

because, dosage he announces, his wife has just given birth to 

"a typical Canadian baby boy weighing 20 pounds."

He’s showered with congratulations as well as exclamations 

about the baby’s enormous size. 

One fragile woman faints from sympathy pains.  

Two weeks later the man returns to the bar for a beer. 

"Hey," says the bartender. 

"You’re the father of the  baby that weighed 20 pounds.

How much does he weigh now?  

"Fifteen," the father answers.  

The bartender responds, 

"What happened? He lost five pounds."  

The father takes a swig from his beer, smiles, 

and says, "We just had him circumsized."
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