Take Georgia -5 vs. Mississippi State @ Georgia

Take Alabama -17 (Buy 1.5 pts) vs. Vanderbilt @ Vanderbilt


Tonight (Thursday Night Football):

Take San Francisco 49ers +3.5 (Buy 1pt)  vs.  Los Angeles Rams @ Levi's Stadium


Take Oakland Raiders -3 vs. Washington @ Washington

Take Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 (Buy half-point) vs. Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles



Mississippi State +7.5 vs. LSU
Tennessee +5 vs. Florida


Houston (Buy half a point, take 7 points) -7 vs. Cleveland
Arizona (Buy half a point, take 7 points) - 7 vs. Indianapolis

Bob-O's 2017 Record is 1-2.

Here are Big Dick Black's Picks for Week 2 (9/14):


Oakland Raiders -14 vs. New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys -1 vs. Denver Broncos

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Joe Staley

Watch San Francisco 49ers Offensive Lineman Joe Staley in the new Pepsi commercial.


Xiao Zhang

A man from southern China had to be rushed to a hospital after having a tumbler glass stuck in his rear. The container, measuring seven centimetre (2.8 inches) in diameter, had been trapped inside the body of the 33-year-old patient, known by an alias Xiao Zhang, for two days.  Doctor performed an abdominal operation on Xiao Zhang in order to remove the glassware, which had broken while being lodged inside the man’s rectum. According to Kan Kan News, Xiao Zhang arrived at the emergency department of Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou at 2am on August 31st. Xiao Zhang told the doctors that he was unable to retrieve the glass. ‘It has been stuck in there for two days and it is not coming out. It (the anus) is swelling so much and causing me pain,’ said Xiao Zhang. The patient, said to be married and have children, refused to tell the doctors how the tumbler glass ended up in his rear.


Samy The Psychic

samythepsychic01aSamy The Psychic is in the studio taking listener readings.

Call 1-800-922-SAMY to talk to Samy personally.

Check out Samy The Psychic's website:

Check out Samy The Psychic on Facebook by clicking here.

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Let's Get It On

Two male lions appear to be mating while lioness looks on confused.


Hurricane Harvey

Here's how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Hurricane Harvey

Here is some drone footage from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Hurricane Harvey

Here are some Tweets showing the damage from Hurricane Harvey.


Hurricane Harvey

Here are some before and after photos from Hurricane Harvey.

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