Bronzed Anus

Check out this bronzed anus.


Rayna Terror

Alternative model, Rayna Terror, has her anus cast in bronze.


Adam Armitage

A man was attacked in New Zealand on Saturday morning. A man impaled Adam Armitage in the head with a metal rod as he sat in his parked car. Armitage drove himself to a gas station with the rod through his head, and calmly asked the attendant to call for help. Police offered no reason for the attack they’re still investigating. The station attendant called an ambulance and a hospital removed the rod. Armitage is in stable condition.


A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL

Check out the 2015 version of "A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL."



Rush is returning to the Bay Area for their R40 Tour (highlighting 4 decades of Rush)

Thursday, July 23rd at the SAP Center at San Jose

It will be Rush's exclusive Northern, CA performance.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 30th at noon at:


Last Updated on Thursday, January 22 2015 07:49



Thank you Jeff Moschin for the picture. Here's Lamont with Nikki Sixx's hair.


Last Updated on Wednesday, January 21 2015 09:05


Motley Crue

Check out Motley Crue's new music video for "All Bad Things."


Art Of Anarchy

Scott Weiland has a new supergroup band called Art Of Anarchy.

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 21 2015 14:48


Car Wash Accident

Check out this old man get in an accident at a California car wash.



Here's Tonelli with the wig Chasta brought in this morning.

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